BēSaudi is a platform that oversees a group of creative events and meetups, most notably Mēntors (2 events), Crēated (16 meetups), and Bēhance (12 events in 4 cities).


Mēntors is a creative event that brings together creatives from diverse creative backgrounds and varying levels of expertise with specialized leaders from different creative fields.


Bēhance events are a series of creative events that happen at one time around the world, managed by Bēhance, and bring together creatives from different fields to showcase their creative work and products.


Crēated is a series of informal and unscheduled meetups, held in public places such as cafes, restaurants, workspaces, and art galleries, for only two hours, announced on Meetup, bringing together creatives from different fields to discuss personal experiences and latest updates.

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